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Quality Service since 1977 in Glendale, CA. After Long Period of time That We've Covered All Los Angeles and CA Now We are Ready to Share Our Advanced And Fast Service in All USA. We are Specialist in All Sony Digital Camera and Camcorder Repair, Canon Digital Camera and Camcorder Repair, Nikon SLR Camera Repair, Fuji Camera Repair, Casio Camera Repair, Panasonic Camera and Camcorder Repair, JVC Camcorder Repair, Pentax Camera Repair.

Thank you for visiting our site. We believe in prompt service and high quality and hope many of your inquiries and questions can be answered. ERIC'S CAMERA REPAIR is confident we can meet all of your camera service needs!

We transfer VHS,Video8,HI8,MiniDV,Camcorders Tape, Regular8 film Super 8,16mm and Super 16 to DVD or any format.

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